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Before & After School

Pursue Your Child’s Interest by Providing Them With Opportunities

On school days, your child will have fun, creative, and engaging opportunities in the mornings and afternoons. Our Before and after school program focuses on what your child needs and enjoys most: creative play indoors and outdoors, homework assistance, imaginative STEM activities, and a healthy snack to keep them energized.

Lets’ Have Some Fun After School
Help Them Get Ready for the Day

In the morning, we set your child up for success during the school day by delivering a consistent morning routine with opportunities for soothing activities, free play, and a whole group activity designed to help children to establish a goal for their day ahead.

Structured Play-Based Activities
After a long day at school, your youngster can let off steam in the afternoon. Both unstructured play and scheduled play-based activities are available. Children can develop a sense of community in the classroom, expand their creativity, and become more collaborative through play-based learning. Your child will take on physical challenges and form good lifestyle habits while playing both inside and outside.

Homework Assistance
Your child can get help with their schoolwork during the afternoon sessions, which are specifically set aside for that purpose. To help students finish their homework, every classroom for students of school age is provided with learning materials and supplies.

A child’s development depends heavily on their ability to cooperate, think critically, exhibit creativity, and communicate effectively, among other 21st Century learning abilities. STEM education promotes the growth of these abilities through fun, practical activities related to science, technology, engineering, and math.

If you want to learn more about our school’s program, feel free to send us a message.