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Early Preschool

Let Your Child Have a Wonderful Learning Experience With Us.

At Strong Foundation Academy, we use an early education curriculum specifically designed for 30 to 42-month-old children to help them prepare for Preschool. It is a play-based program that addresses the special needs of two-year-olds, many of whom have never been to school. Music and movement are important components of the curriculum for brain development. Our classroom routine provides a consistent schedule that allows students to feel at ease and confident at school. Our developmentally appropriate program focuses on these developmental areas:

  • Physical Development and Health – Children learn how to listen to instructions, finish work without much adult supervision, and take part in group activities.
  • Language – Children learn how to react appropriately to inquiries about books and how to get someone else to respond by using different words and sentences.
  • Approaches to Learning – Children develop the ability to find solutions to simple problems and puzzles.
  • Social-Emotional Development – Children learn how to express their needs using emotional language, adhere to classroom norms and routines, and play nicely with others.
  • Creative Arts – Children learn how to use art supplies and musical instruments in a variety of unique ways.
  • Literacy – Children learn how to utilize pictures and verbal clues to communicate ideas, ask adults to read printed information, and draw pictures that convey ideas.
  • Logic and Reasoning – Children develop the ability to sort and solve simple puzzles.
  • Math – Children develop the ability to identify numbers and alternating patterns.
  • Nature and Science – Children learn how to categorize items into living and non-living groups, give reasons why an event or consequence occurred, and show some tenacity and inventiveness while trying to solve an issue.
  • Social Studies – Children develop the ability to use terms related to location, direction, and distance and use the language of the time.

These early learners benefit from STEAM-focused enhancements in their classroom, such as:

  • An engineering station with a selection of puzzle pieces, magnetic connectors, blocks, and gears
  • The use of art supplies across the space to enhance 21st-century learning techniques
  • A science station featuring waterworks, a light table, and sensory tubes

This program helps children move to a more structured setting and regular routines by serving as a supporting bridge to preschool.

If you want to learn more about our school’s program, feel free to send us a message.