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Allow Us to Be a Part of Your Child’s Early Childhood Education.

Our preschool curriculum at Strong Foundation Academy promotes your child’s growth and knowledge through fun and hands-on activities. This program gradually improves your child’s basic learning abilities and attitude toward learning. Our lessons integrate the arts and sciences and let children have the chance to interact with each other. We encourage all children to do whatever they are capable of doing by themselves to promote independence and encourage social and academic development.

STEAM is integrated into our classroom through:

  • Science -Examine the details of living and nonliving objects with the use of microscopes and hand lenses.
  • Technology -Use age-appropriate interactive digital technology and age-specific apps during group learning time.
  • Engineering -Robotics materials, as well as a variety of small table-top blocks and large, floor-use blocks to inspire kids to design, test and build their structures.
  • Arts -Includes literary, visual, performing, and musical arts.
  • Math -A range of objects, such as tree blocks, stone counting pieces, balancing scales, and measurement tools, are used to promote concrete, fun math experiences.

Achieving Milestones
Children continue to work on meeting milestones in these developmental areas:

  • Approaches to Learning -Children start developing their planning skills as well as learning different ways to use resources.
  • Logic and Reasoning -Dramatic play allows kids to practice symbolic thinking.
  • Literacy -Children narrate stories and act them out while learning to write them.
  • Language – Children learn the fundamentals of communication and self-expression.
  • Math -Children learn to count and recognize numbers along with shapes and patterns.
  • Physical Development and Health -Children practice gross motor skills and self-help skills.
  • Social-Emotional Development -Children gain self-awareness and independence.
  • Creative Art Expression -Children explore music, drama, and movement.
  • Social Studies -Children learn how to be part of a community and develop familiar routines.
  • Nature and Science -Children focus on object classification, as well as learning about the natural world around them.

If you want to learn more about our school’s program, feel free to send us a message.